—A Siblings’ Day Food For Thought—

Meg Whitman, a billionaire and a business world celebrity, at a speech she gave at Harvard Business School, said, every day, every weekend, every living moment, she asked herself what was most important at that time. She went on to say “Remember this. And this is something that I have not been particularly good at, you probably won’t look back and wish that you’d worked harder… In the end your family and your friends are the most important thing. And just remember that as you think about what you’re going to do.”

Well, those are the words of a billionaire woman. While those who don’t have it may think it’s important, we see that in the end, it is not the billions, stardom, or praise, that matters.

When she was younger, she may have thought that fame, money, stardom had the most value, and may have shunned family and friends to attain to the heights she got to. But how differently she must see things now. I’m not the only one who thinks that if she could have bought back those days to spend it with her family and friends, she could have given all her billions to have them back. But they are gone forever.

Now she sees that family and friends are the most important. I wonder how differently she would see things a few years from now, when members of the family and friends begin to die one by one, and she sees herself heading slowly too to the grave. I bet that she’d say, family is important, but the most important thing is your maker whom you will meet after the grave.

Therefore, every day, every weekend, every living moment, when choosing the most important thing at the time, never forget your God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let’s place the right value on all things and not chase after delusions. I pray God will help you (the reader) and I (the writer) to have the right priorities in life. Amen.

That’s food for thought. Happy siblings day.

BY: Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo

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