MY FIRST FABLE (With Lesson Activity)

If Aesop was credited with over six hundred fables, well, here’s my first. And don’t think it is without its morals. Okay?

Title: The Boy Who Hit His Mouth On Stone

Morals: Just read. You’d know at the very end.

One day, a boy got up in the morning and, hopping into his boots, set out on an aimless walk. As he swung his feet in a careless stride, he dashed his feet on a stone, tripped and fell with a great crash. In his fall he hit his mouth on a stone and lost a few teeth.

Now that stone unknown to him was a magical one. It was a stone of which if a person were to lick it and say anything, it would happen. If he were to lick that stone and tell his boss in the morning, come clean my desk, he’d do it. If he lick that stone and tell anybody to “eat that grass,” he’d do it. Just anything he says, whether it is, “give me your car keys,” or “give me your new house,” or anything else, it would be done. So it happened that from that time on, because some microscopic particles of the stone remained on his lips, as long as his tongue made contact with his lips as he spoke, anything that he said happened. Indeed every single thing he ever said from that time on happened.

You’d think his life ended up a pleasant one, right? Wrong. He ended up a miserable person who destroyed himself because it was his habit to always make negative confessions.

—The End—

—Pre-Conclusion Activity—

Sing the following song to hip-ragae or metal blues tune. Have your friends assist you as backup singers. It is my composition, so all rights reserved.

Lead Singer:
One day in the morning,
A boy got up on his feet.
He stepped out of home and started walking,
He dashed on a stone his feet.
He hit his mouth on a stone while falling,
And he lost few teeth.

Lead Singer: He hit his mouth on stone!
Backup Singers: Stone! Stone!

[You can repeat that over and over as much as you and your friends like. Forever won’t be bad.]

—Moral Lessons—

So finally, here are the moral lessons of my first fable:

1. Be careful how you walk.
2. Never hit your mouth on a stone.
3. Lastly. Never ever make too much of your confessions (positive or negative) to think it has the power to effect anything if you’ve never hit your mouth on a magic stone. Power belongs to God not your confessions (Psalms 62:11).

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