NOT WEIRD AT ALL: My Second Fable With Moral Lessons

There was a little boy who had a rat for a pet. One morning he woke up only to find that his rat had killed and swallowed a cat that had sneaked into the house. He thought that was weird. But he was proud of his rat.

He got dressed wishing to go out for a walk but noticed that the cloud was very dark and that it was going to rain. He therefore thought he needn’t go for the walk but later changed his mind saying, “to be beaten by the rain, if it falls, is not the worst thing to happen in human history.”

So he took his umbrella and out he went with his rat. Not long after going out there were loud thunders and lightnings and it began to rain angry cats heavily and angrily. His umbrella was torn to shreds by the claws of the angry cats. Luckily for him it rained only cats and no water. He thought the angry cat-rain was because of the sin of his rat who killed and swallowed a cat. This thought made him scared. The angry cats, given their number, would probably tear both the rat and his very self to pieces. But as soon as each cat touched the ground and sighted the rat, their angry faces became filled with terror and they fled. So there was much commotion in town caused by the fleeing cats. He thought that was weird. But he was proud of his rat.

Later as he walked along a street of high buildings, he heard a big crash from the sixth floor. A giant woman just threw her tiny husband out through the window for not being able to build her a house big enough for her size. She thought he was being selfish and thought only of his tiny needs and didn’t care about her giant needs. He thought that was weird.

Then he proceeded to the countryside where he passed by a farmhouse. It is usually serene in these countrysides and the only thing to be heard often time is the mooing and neighing of animals. But something was not right today. There was a big commotion in the farmhouse. He went closer and heard some fat cows and some lean ones having a rancourous debate as to whether or not it were morally right to eat a withered grass. He thought this was too weird, and for the greatness of its weirdness he knew immediately that this could only be a dream. He shook himself and woke up.

He looked out of the window and saw that his rat had sneaked out of the house and had been torn by a cat while he slept. Smiling to himself he thought, “now that is not weird at all.”

Moral lesson: If we debate, it is not to our discredit. Of all the weird things that occurred in this boy’s dream, the weirdest was that of animals in a debate. We should not see debates as a bad thing or that it were unhealthy to debate. With high intellect comes higher reasoning by which men, unlike animals, are able to debate. Debate is good provided it is done in a way that is sure to lead to a good end.

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