five star sermon
Speaker: Sir. Fisher
Topic: Forgive and Forget
Venue: River Bank
Attendees: Empty headed fishes
Forgive and forget is a popular saying among the ignorant. It shouldn’t be preached to men but to fishes in the water from the river bank. They’d love such a sermon because it exalts the ability of their little brains to retain almost nothing. They’d be the paragon of forgiveness and the praise of the world if this saying were true. For they forget everything they see as soon as they stop seeing it. They lay eggs, forgive, and forget and start feeding on them. They see your bate today and it harms them, but if after they escape and see it again later today they would have completely forgiven and forgotten and will put your bate in their mouth again like a toffee. How such became so famous only speaks of how little people read the Bible and and how much they give heed to fables and unprofitable talks.
However there is no where in the Bible that one would see it written forgive and forget, nowhere was it implied. What Christ taught us is not forgive and forget but forgive in sincerity. If our forgiveness is not complete to the extent that even though we remember the evil done to us, we yet forgive in sincerity so much that rather than hate, love flows from the heart for such a person, then we haven’t forgiven. This is what Christ says. Not forgive and forget, not forgive alone, but in essence “…from your hearts forgive… every one his brother their trespasses.” (Matthew¬†18:35).
If we find any who would say something like “forgive and forget” or “the Bible says forgive and forget” let’s politely correct them.
Forgiveness is not a ticket to heaven but its absence is a barrier from entering in. Forgive, today, everybody that has offended you including me if I have offended you too. PLEEEEEASE! Thanks.
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